Niagara weeps by Andrea Moorhead

Cave of the Winds in Winter, circa 1940. Image courtesy of Niagara Falls Public Library

Niagara weeps, her heart among the dead
and earth still covered in ice and flower
where the mounds for burial are rooted
‡‡in vine
where sun has warmed so many fears,
‡‡so many hearts aching
but Niagara weeps at the crest of joy
at the matting festival of fruit and earth
at the plain song at dusk and the frozen
‡‡waste in concrete
she weeps and the songs are carried
at the hour of sleeping
when hands and limbs, when eyes and
‡‡lips are cool
and the only song is carried beneath
‡‡the rain.

Source: Abraxas no. 42/43, 1997

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About Andrea Moorhead:

I continue to publish poetry in French and consider this work to be essential. My French work is quite different in tone and direction from my English work; it represents, perhaps, the natural extension of my concerns with the natural world and its degradation from multiple causes. I also continue to work with photography, and think of it as an overlapping aspect of my exploration of abstraction and tangential realities.

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