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This is an author search page listing authors by last name along with titles of poems. Click on the title to see the poem.  For a listing of poems written about the War of 1812, its commemorations, and reflections upon it, please go to the Poems of the War of 1812 in Niagara page.
The very first poem that contains a reference to Niagara Falls is Untitled, by Le Sievr de la Franchise, published in 1604.

Alexander, James Lynne.  Wonders of the West; or, A Day at the Falls of Niagara in 1825
Allen, William.   Niagara Falls
Allis, Almon Trask.  Uncle Alvin at Niagara
Andres. Jackie.   The Downtown Falls
Anglian, E.  To the Old Schoolhouse on Lundy’s Lane
•    A Ballad of the Caroline
•    The Battle of Bridgewater
•    The Chippawa Creek
•    Niagara (Great Fall, all hail:)
•    Niagara (I stood within a vision’s spell;)
•    Niagara Falls
Appleton, Thomas Gold.
•    Goat Island
•    Niagara
Argyll, Duke of, (John Campbell)  Niagara
Austin, Henry.   Niagara
Bakelaar, Bartholomew.  Long Live the All Day Breakfast Diner
Barlow. Joel.  The Columbiad
Banker, William, Jr.  The Battle of Queenstown (October 13, 1812)
Barry, Lynn.  Niagara falls…so get up why don’t ya?    About Lynn Barry
Baxley, Dr.   A Sabbath at Niagara
Baxter,E. R., III.   Looking for Niagara    About E. R. Baxter III
Beam, Betty J.  (Children’s poems)
•   Brock’s Monument
•   A Cow and Ice Cream
•   The Floral Clock
•   Friday Fireworks
•   The Niagara River
•   A Pioneer’s Prayer
•   World Wonder
Bell, Ian.   Signor Farini
Blewett, Joan.   Laura Secord
Brainard, John G. C.  The Falls of Niagara
Brownell, Henry Howard.  Niagara
Bruce, Wallace.  Niagara
Bryant, William Cullen.  Niagara  Translation of  José María Heredia’s Niágara (1825 version)
Buckingham, J. S.   To Niagara
Campbell, John, Duke of Argyll  Niagara
Carlisle, Earl of, 7th. (Lord Morpeth)   Niagara Falls
Carnochan, Janet.  Battle of Lundy’s Lane, 25th July, 1814
Cattey, Bill.   En Route to Niagara Falls      About Bill Cattey
Channing, William Ellery.   The Niagara Fall
Chester, Anson G.   At Niagara Falls
Clark, Willis Gaylord.  Niagara
Clinch, Joseph Hart.  Niagara
Colombo, John Robert.  Niagara Falls
Conn, Jan.  Choices
Conn, Virginia.   Too near the falls
Coveney, John.  Niagara Falls
Cranch. Christopher Pearse.  The Cataract Isle
Crapsey, Adelaide.   Niagara, Seen on a Night in November    About Adelaide Crapsey
Crawford, Alexander Wellington. To a Flower
Curtis, Philip J.   The Brittle Branch
Curzon, Sarah Anne   Visit of the Prince of Wales to Laura Secord
Dagle, Patricia Borneman.   Sons of Adam 
Davidson, Fisher.  William Kirby
Dollard, Father James B.
•   Loretto Convent, Niagara Falls
•   Niagara
•  The Niagara Gorge
Drake, Joseph Rodman
•   Niagara
•   Niagara’s Everlasting Voice
Dresser, Horace.  Apostrophe to Niagara
Dugan, Alan.  Niagara Falls
Durkin, Martin.  Untitled
Ellis, Dr. Keith  Niagara Translation of  José María Heredia’s Niágara (1825 version)
Feliciano, Margarita.
•   Devil’s Hole (Niagara Falls)
•  Aguljero del Diablo
Flynn, Captain.  Father Louis Hennepin
Forrest, Shelby.  What Goes Up Will Always Come Down
Fox, Richard H.
•  Niagara Falls 1972
•  Niagara Falls 1972 (revised)
Franchise, Le Sievr de la  Untitled
Fraser, Laryalee.  Secrets of Niagara Falls       About Laryalee Fraser
Frechette, Louise Honoré.  Niagara
Fuller, Ada Elizabeth.  Lines Written in Drummond Hill Cemetery
Gilder, Richard Watson.  At Niagara
Glenny, Elizabeth.  Niagara River Table d’Hôte
Glikman, Boris   Falling With the Falls    About Boris Glikman
Gómez de Avellaveda, Gertrudis.  A Vista del Niágara
Graham, Catherine.  The Water Draws
Grol, Lini,
•    Fondly Remembered Old Queenston
•    Lelawala: The Maid of the Mist
•    Niagara Falls
•    Our Niagara River
•    Seeing Niagara
Haksever, Ozan.  Niagara
Hanaford, Mrs. Phebe A.  Niagara
Harper, J. M.  The Siege of Fort Erie
Harrison, Susan Frances “Seranus”   Niagara in Winter
Heideman, Kathleen.  Woman in a Barrel, About To Go Over Niagara Falls
Henry, Elizabeth.  Niagara
Heredia, José María
•   Niágara (1825 version)
•   Niagara (1825 version)  Translated by William Cullen Bryant
•   Niagara (1825 version)  Translated by Dr. Keith Ellis
•   Niágara (1832 version)
Houghton, George.  Niagara
Howard, George William Frederick (Lord Morpeth)   Niagara Falls
Howells, William Dean.  Avery, 1853
J.S.W.  Thoughts at Niagara
Jackson, James Walton.  The Test of Cantilever
Jain, Rakhi.  Niagara Falls – The Paradise on Earth
Jefferson, Jessica Lyne
•    A Moment
•    Somewhere Between Detroit and Syracuse
Jenkinson, Rev.  Martin R.  Dedication of the Bells
Jones, Charles L.S.  The Hero of Bridgewater
Kershaw, James.  Niagara
Kirby, William.  Sonnet Read at the Unveiling of the Lundys Lane Monument, 25th July, 1895
Lashelle, Donald.  The River Niagara
Lee, John B.  The River Non Believe
Lindsay, Vachel
•    Niagara (Chinese Nightingale Version)
•    Niagara (Poetry Magazine Version)
Loftus, Jimmie
•    CANAL CAMP BALLADS No. 1: The Great Saint’s Medal 
•    CANAL CAMP BALLADS No. 2: The Drifting Legion
•    CANAL CAMP BALLADS N0. 3: The Port of Call
Logan, John Daniel
•    Brock: Valiant Leader
•    Drummond: Indomitable Soldier
•    The Over-Song of Niagara
Lover, Samuel.  Nymph of Niagara
MacDonald, Wilson.  Niagara
McNie, Frank. Niagara on the Lake
Mehta, Ram M.  Niagara
Miller, Edward W.  On the Erection of a Monument On the Battlefield of Lundy’s Lane
Moberly, T. E.  Lundy’s Lane — 1814-1914 (July 25)
Moody, Marilyn K.  Sunday Afternoon in Niagara Falls
Moore, Clara Jessup
•    Niagara Above the Cataract
•    Niagara Below the Cataract
Moreton, Clara Jessup
•    Niagara Above the Cataract
•    Niagara Below the Cataract
Morpeth, Lord    Niagara Falls
Muldoon, Paul.  A Collegelands Catechism   About Paul Muldoon
Mulvany, Charles Pelham.  Niagara
Munro, Kathryn.  Niagara Falls
Murphy, A. J.  Ode to a Bytown Youth
Murray, Joan.  “She’s Coming!”  (From Queen of the Mist)
Nowikowski, Melinda.  As Falls Niagara    About Melinda Nowikowski
Onofrio, C. D.
•    Italian Angel of Gelato
•    Niagara Falls
•    Scenes From a Hungarian Restaurant
O’Regan, John Joseph.  Queen of the Mist
Overmire, Laurence.  Niagara
Pace, Larry
•    Niagara Falls at Night
•    Niagara Falls – Viagra Calls
Parker, Willard.  Niagara’s Rainbow: The Legend of the White Canoe
Pickering, Henry.  The Leap of Niagara
Pombo, Rafael.   En El Niágara
Pratt, Sarah.  Niagara
Preet, Onkar.  Niagara Falls
Reynolds. P. M.   Mrs. Anna Edson Taylor, Goddess of Water   
Richards, William Carey.  Niagara in Spring
Roach, Rich.
•    Great Cataract Sublime
•    Winter Falls
Rogers, Stan.  MacDonnell on the Heights
Rowland, C. W.  Eternal – Beautiful – Serene – Sublime
Scott, Duncan Campbell.  The Battle of Lundy’s Lane
Seranus (Susan France Harrison)   Niagara in Winter
Shepherd, Mary A.  Niagara
Sigourney, Lydia Huntley.
•    Farewell to Niagara
•    The Hermit of The Falls
•    Niagara  (Flow on forever, in thy glorious robe)
•    Niagara (Up to the Table-Rock, where the great flood)
Stark, Caleb.  The Battle of Lundy’s Lane
Stevens, W. A.  Untitled
Strachan, John, Bishop.  Niagara Falls
Suraiya, K.  Niagara
Thompson, Clarence Arthur Dowling.  Martyrs of Progress
Todd, Susan Hill.  The Whirlpool of Niagara River Viewed on a Sabbath Morning
A Traveller.  Glen Albert Near DeCew Falls
Trumbull, William.  The Legend of the White Canoe
Tucker, James Alexander.  Lundy’s Lane    About James Alexander Tucker
Tupper, Kathryn Munro.  Niagara Falls
Tupper, Martin Farquhar.  Niagara
Uppal, Priscila.  Niagara Mermaids
Urquhart, Jane. Poems from The Undertaker’s Bride section of False Shuffles
Weir, Arthur.  Love’s Changeableness
Weiss, Phillip W.
•    Niagara Falls
•    Surging Water
Whitney, Betty Ann.  Early This Morning
Whiton-Stone, C. E.  Niagara
Wilkinson, Caroline Eleanor.
•    Niagara Falls
•    The Unforgotten
•    Voice of Niagara
•    The Winter King at Niagara Falls
Wilkinson, Florence.  Niagara
Wilkinson, Lieut.-Col. J. R.  Niagara
Wojahn, David.  The Assassination of John Lennon as Depicted by the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, Niagara Falls, Ontario, 1987
Zaremba, Edward.  Niagara Captive: a Poem


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