Poems of the Niagara Frontier by Evelyn M. Watson

watson contents

watson contents
Cover of Evelyn Watson’s Poems of the Niagara Frontier. Courtesy of Niagara Falls Public Library

Evelyn Mabel Watson, 1886-1956, prolific Buffalo-area writer, studied at Allegheny College, graduated from Mount Union College, 1909; performed editorial and publicity work; recognized poet, noted mystic; edited The Circle for a period and involved with the English Poetry Society and other leading organizations of like nature; author of myriad books of verse, plays, and essays on metaphysics – Archivegrid

Watson’s book Poems of the Niagara Frontier was published in 1929 by Dean & Company of New York. A selection of these poems has been added to the site.

At a Niagara Falls Bazaar
The Colorist at Niagara
The Herd of Unicorn
An Indian Cave at Ne-a-ga-ra
The Indians
Remembering Victoria Park
Spring (In Forests Near Niagara)
A “Stop-Over” at Niagara