About Arthur William Fisher

Niagara by Arthur William Fisher
Portrait of Arthur William Fisher

Dr. Arthur W. Fisher was born at Pultneyville, New York, on February 14, 1872, and received his preliminary education at the cobblestone school in that village. When 17 he entered Sodus Academy, from which he graduated in June 1892. The following Fall he entered the Marion Collegiate Institute to prepare for Cornell University, which he entered in 1894, graduating four years later with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He took a post-graduate course at Cornell and received his Ph.D. degree.

He taught for several years, and in 1905 entered the Medical School at Ann Arbor, Mich., from which he graduated with the degree of M.D. He remained at the college where he did research work in the laboratories, making several chemical discoveries. After leaving Ann Arbor he went to Toledo, Ohio, where he became the head of the faculty of the medical school. In 1914 Dr. Fisher came to his home town to resume active practice. He contributed to “Medical World” and wrote a series of poems which appeared in book form under the titles of “Lake Breezes,” “Land Breezes,” and “Niagara and Other Poems.”

From an obituary supplied by his nephew, Philip C. Fisher, May 2003.

Niagara Falls Coat of Arms
Niagara Falls Coat of Arms. Used with permission of the City of Niagara Falls.

On May 15, 2006 The Corporation of the City of Niagara Falls was granted a new Coat of Arms, including the motto “Tread the Smoother Ways of Peace.”  This motto was taken from Dr. Fisher’s poem Niagara,  which the Canadian Heraldic Authority found on this website.  From the description:

“This sentence is taken from Dr. Arthur William Fisher’s poem Niagara, published in 1924. As Niagara Falls is the most famous border city in Canada, this alludes to the peaceful relationship with the United States, valued particularly in a region that saw terrible battles in the War of 1812. This motto can serve as an exhortation to all citizens to advance the cause of peace.”

Dr. Fisher’s poem Niagara

About Melinda Nowikowski

Portrait of Melinda Nowikowski
Melinda Nowikowski

“Melinda Nowikowski is a failed journalism major, who currently resides in Kettering, Ohio.  She has been writing poetry since she was old enough to understand the concept of rhyme, which is to say approximately 25 years.  Her husband, Tony Nowikowski, a web engineer, was the subject of this work.

At this time, she is employed as a part-time document preparation assistant, animal shelter volunteer and full-time cat slave.  She composes poetry when it arrives in her head, as well as character fiction.

The Nowikowskis make frequent visits to Ontario, Canada — especially the wine country.  The visit to Niagara Falls was the first of many pleasant trips to Niagara and other parts of southern Ontario, a family tradition that will, doubtless, continue.”

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Biography of Laryalee Fraser

Lee Fraser

August 22nd 1940 – October 16th 2013

Headshot of Laryalee Fraser
Laryalee Fraser

On October 16th, Lee (Laryalee) Fraser passed away peacefully at Bastion Place at the age of 73.

In the seventies and eighties, Lee was a reporter and photographer for various newspapers throughout the area, including the Kamloops News and the Shuswap Market.

She then became a member of Chase Village Council for nine years,
including three years as mayor, 1993 to 1996.

She enjoyed volunteering for various causes, loved gardening, and for
several years she wrote poetry under the pen-name Laryalee Fraser. Her online friends know her as Lary. Click here to see her website, Along Poetry Creek.

See Laryalee’s poem Secrets of Niagara Falls

Adelaide Crapsey biography

Adelaide Crapsey – early 1900s

Adelaide Crapsey was born on September 9, 1878 in Brooklyn, New York. She was the third daughter of Episcopalian Rev. Algernon Sidney Crapsey and Adelaide Trowbridge Crapsey. She was an honours student at Vassar College, and then became a teacher. She contracted tuberculosis somewhere around 1903, and died on October 8, 1914.

She had been working on a study of metrics that proved too exhausting for her to continue after the onset of her illness, and so she concentrated on poetry. She is known as the inventor of the cinquain – a poem of 5 short lines of unequal length, of which Niagara is one. Her poems were published posthumously.

See her poem Niagara, Seen on a Night in November

Biography of Bill Cattey

Bill Cattey has been employed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for 17 years as a software engineer after getting his degree in Computer Engineering from there.  Bill is quite sure of himself as an engineer, but is a little uncomfortable calling himself a poet. He knows he started early with a haiku he wrote in elementary school, but after that he can find only one additional poem written before entering MIT.

He attributes that second poem’s being published in his high school literary magazine to be an artifact of them being hungry for copy rather than any literary value to the work.

Bill, with the aid of a collaborator, has set two of his poems to music.  He hopes to publish his work through more conventional literary channels in the future.  Bill currently publishes all his poetry, including many works in progress, on a personal web site:

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