Table Rock Album Contents

Title page of Table Rock Album
Title page of Table Rock Album

In 1848 the Table Rock Album; or, Sketches of the Falls and Scenery Adjacent was first published. This book contains selections from guest books kept at Table Rock, and includes poems, prose, and doggerel about various visitors’ reflections on Niagara Falls. All of the poems and doggerel are indexed here. Some of the more literary poems are also indexed on the  Author Search and the Title Search pages.


Anonymous. Untitled  (All hail, Niagara! by thine awful noise,)
Boz.  Untitled
Carlisle, Earl of, 7th. (Lord Morpeth)   Niagara Falls
Clark, Willis Gaylord.  Niagara
Howard, George William Frederick (Lord Morpeth)   Niagara Falls
Morpeth, Lord    Niagara Falls
Pratt, Sarah.  Niagara
Rowland, C. W.  Eternal – Beautiful – Serene – Sublime


Eternal – Beautiful – Serene – Sublime  by C. W. Rowland
Niagara  by Willis Gaylord Clark
Niagara  by Sarah Pratt
Niagara Falls  by the 7th Earl of Carlisle (Lord Morpeth)
Niagara Falls  by George William Frederick Howard (Lord Morpeth)
Niagara Falls  by Lord Morpeth
Untitled  by Anonymous (All hail, Niagara! by thine awful noise,)
Untitled  by Boz