Lynn Barry Biographical Notes

Growing up I created an imaginary village to “play” in with my sister, DeeDee. Some kids have imaginary friends, I had an imaginary village. I didn’t realize until I was in my late 20s that I was creating fiction. Twenty years later I not only realize it, I am a twice published mainstream novelist and my first book, “Puddles” has been re-released and is endorsed by best selling author of “The Devil’s Advocate” Andrew Neiderman.

Birth Place: Syracuse, NY USA

Accomplishments: I earned a degree in Writing Arts/Criminal Justice from SUNY Potsdam, cum laude. I worked as a substitute teacher for grades K-12 for two years; as an assistant editor for a weekly newspaper, during which time I wrote a humor column and feature articles; as a group care worker for teens in residential foster care; and I tutored the children of migrant farm workers. I volunteered as a Sunday School teacher for years. I volunteered for a year at the Auburn Men’s Maximum Security Correctional Facility in Auburn, NY in their inmate-run substance abuse program. I have been married for thirty-five years, have four kids, and seven grandkids, so far. I have designed a series of worksheets, “Fun with fiction” which I have presented to several elementary classes (1st -4th grades, so far)and a creative writer’s group of adults who meet once a month. My hope in doing this is to encourage people to appreciate the great gift they have inside themselves to “make up” stuff and have fun while doing it.In February I will present my workshop to my author pals from PublishAmerica at the first PA convention in Frederick Maryland. The company has dubbed me “the Queen of Enthusiasm.” Currently, my hubby and I are running a diner in a small town. Waitressing is perfect for this novelist….Be careful what you say while dining there, it might end up in a chapter of a book I might be inspired to write…”More coffee?”

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About Boris Glikman

BORIS GLIKMAN is a writer, poet and philosopher from Melbourne, Australia. The biggest
influences on his writing are dreams, Kafka and Borges. His stories, poems
and non-fiction articles have been published in various online and print
publications, as well as being featured on national radio and other radio programs. His writings can be found on his blog:

After his visit to USA in 2009, he wrote a series of impressions of America, of whichFalling with the Fallsforms one part. The full series can be found at the link below: