Brock: Valiant Leader by John Daniel Logan

Logan Brock
General Sir Isaac Brock leaving Fort George on the morning of Oct 13th 1812 for Queenston Heights. Photo courtesy of Niagara Falls Public Library

O VALIANT leader of the little band
That, fearless, forward rushed to victory,
Tho far outnumbered by the enemy,
And, daring death, saved our Canadian land, —
What honors can we pay the noble name
Of one who held as naught th’ invaders’ art
Of war,— whose glory hath become a part
For evermore of our Canadian fame?

Lo, on the looming crown of that ascent
Where thy life ceased, a loyal host hath reared
To thee — whose patriot heart was pure, nor feared,—
A high commemorative monument!
Still is thy memory green who fell to save,
Still, Brock, art thou the bravest of our brave!

Source: Logan, John Daniel. Songs of the Makers of Canada and Other Homeland Lyrics.  Toronto: William Briggs, 1911.

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The Floral Clock by Betty J. Beam

(a children’s poem)

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter & wife Rosalynn at the floral clock, July 10, 1996. Photo by George Bailey, courtesy of Niagara Falls Public Library

A giant clock grows on the ground
In a leafy park-land bower,
It lies against a grassy mound
Where hydro transformers tower.

The turbines make a humming sound
As water provides the power.
And power makes the hands go ’round
As bright blossoms bloom the hour,

In winter snow, no one’s around —
All lies dormant, drab and dour,
But, summer, tourist can be found
Photographing time in flower.


Source: The Author, 2001.