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E.R. Baxter III

“Looking for Niagara” is the title poem from a book (Slipstream, 1993) that celebrates the history of a natural Niagara. E.R. Baxter III is a recipient of a Just Buffalo Award, and a fellow of a New York State CAPS Award, both for fiction. In May 2000, the Buffalo Audubon Society presented him with the Harry Jay Kord Recognition Award for outstanding contributions to the causes of education and conservation in Western New York. He is a founding member of the Niagara Frontier Wildlife Habitat Council, and of the Niagara Heritage Partnership

A  book published in 2016 by Thames & Hudson, called The Art of Typewriting, features Baxter’s poem, The Brass Bed, on the facing page from Yoko Ono’s contribution. See an article about this poem

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