Parked at the Mall by Heather Price

Heather Price
Photo by Mike DiBattista, 2009

Daredevils have been at the Falls
1812 brought us cannon balls
Laura Secord was dear
Warned British the U.S. was near
Now we fight to get parked at the mall

Source: Laroque, Corey. Here’s What the Poets are Saying. Niagara Falls, Ont.: Niagara Falls Review, November 21, 2009

This limerick won 1st place in the So You Think You Can Rhyme (2009) Limerick Contest to find Niagara Falls’ Poet Laureate

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Another December Snow Day in Niagara Falls by Doug Smith

Children on Bridge St., Niagara Falls, looking East, circa 1900
Image courtesy of Niagara Falls Public Library

Lost in snowflakes

      children march 
            in jubilation
                      by ‘Let it Snow’ 
                             and homemade 
                                 scarves and mittens.
                                     Another December snow day 

                                                    in Niagara Falls.  

Source: The Author, August 2022


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See Another December Day in Niagara Falls on All Poetry, written 12/13/21

Doug Smith is a former Niagara Falls, NY resident

Niagara in San Diego by Doug Smith

Blizzard of 77 – Children Waving From the Top of a Buried School Bus
Image courtesy of Niagara Falls Public Library

I reach for trusted pen and paper
and commit to writing like old days
When I’d feel the thump of winter boots
and remember youthful school snow days
I keep it tightly inside me like
a favorite song I used to know
I bring a little Niagara
with my top down in San Diego

The west will drive poorly, close their schools
in February droplets of rain
while Buffalo kids wear shorts when the
thermometer hits 30 again
When I eat my kale and quinoa I
ask for Buffalo sauce as I go
I take home some Niagara
eating my way through San Diego

The grocery clerk looks like my aunt
except she wears a golden sun tan
I introduced her to Mexican
when we got lunch from a taco stand
I’d trade this Ralph’s for Wegman’s, give up
eternal sun for a touch of snow
Share Niagara melancholy
with the models in San Diego

A robin in winter-spring backyard
versus a sea lion on the pier
From apple cider Octobers
to grand palm trees, how do you compare?
Somedays I miss a chill that needs a
grandmotherly knitted homemade throw
Somedays I want Niagara cold
to keep me warm in San Diego

‘America’s Finest City’ hopes
it could become a little bit lost
In potholes and in yesterdays
and storied scars that tell of the cost
It could be a crumbling beauty
where family memories could grow
My cataract Niagara world
would keep me glad in San Diego
I bring a little Niagara
to picture perfect San Diego

Source: All Poetry February 25, 2022

See Doug Smith’s All Poetry site (Darknightofthesoul)

Author’s note: This is heavily inspired by a song. It’s also something I truly identify with, coming from Niagara Falls and living and loving East coast a lot, to moving, semi officially, to San Diego.

Lots to note from this: I wrote with with pen and paper to start and that’s how the poem begins. Ralph’s is a West coast grocery store, Wegman’s is in the Northeast. Niagara Falls are called cataracts and San Diego’s nickname is America’s Finest city. Buffalo is a neighboring city to Niagara Falls. And finally, my aunt came to visit me and had Mexican for the first time in this taco stand in a gas station (that was well regarded and she loved). 



The Eternal Blunder by Al Knobloch



Photo of the Horseshoe Falls, Prospect Point Observation Tower, and the Rainbow Bridge, which inspired this poem. Courtesy of Al Knobloch

The river Niagara flows placidly by
With waters polluted by you and by I
By seeping landfills and chemical pits too
A bane to two countries; historically quite new
But then its pace quickens as tourists arrive
Car fumes rise up to the gulls as they fly
As over the brink suicides take the plunge
While after their cameras onlookers do lunge
In springtime, in summer, and then autumn too
Millions converge on this vast human zoo
The hotels keep rising, no zenith in sight
Parking is crazy, the prices a fright
The Falls is encircled with commercial lust
Most ways of our fathers are left in the dust
Casinos proliferate, lounge lizards croon
Ya gotta admit, it’s a commercial boon
Growth exponential, the Maids multiply
Soon to morph into an endless supply
Now worldwide attention is focused right here
Is it due to the Falls, or due to the fear
Mother Nature eclipsed by human nature alive
“Will he really make it, will he survive?”
Dollars flow in, millions will spy
Still spray reaches up to the gulls who still fly
Oh where is the peace, where is the wonder
The natives sought out before our eternal blunder

Source:  Al Knobloch. Blog post May 29, 2012.  Niagara History and Trivia Facebook Group

This poem is a revised version of a class assignment that Knobloch wrote in high school.

Al Knobloch in front of Prospect Point in Niagara Falls, before its collapse in 1954. Image courtesy of Al Knobloch


Have You Ever Been to Niagara? by Stephanie Vigh Nielsen

Welcome to Niagara Falls Sign. Photo by G.R. Nielsen

Have you ever been to Niagara?
It’s such a marvelous place.
There’s something here for everyone
You can visit at your pace.

So many things to choose from
It’s difficult to decide.
Is it walking tours you prefer?
Or perhaps you’d rather ride?

If it’s horticulture you like
Then take a leisurely walk.
Enjoy the Botanical Gardens
And visit our Floral Clock.

We’ve got hotels and motels
As well as B & B’s
There are fabulous golf courses
And casino shows to see.

Enjoy our many wine tours
Check out the restaurant scene.
Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese
We serve the finest cuisine.

If you’re looking for exciting thrills
We have a variety of rides.
We’ve got helicopters, go-karts
And even water slides.

Take a walk down Clifton Hill
Try the pizza or ice cream
Have fun in the arcade there
And take in a museum.

The ‘Horseshoe Falls’ is beautiful
What an incredible sight!
So mesmerizing during the day
And nicely lit at night.

Exotic birds at Bird Kingdom
Butterflies at the Conservatory.
Take a drive on the Parkway
There’s so much beauty to see.

We have hiking trails and picnic spots
What a way to spend the day!
Take a photo of the ‘Falls’
Just be careful of the spray.

A thrilling ride on the Hornblower
And check out the MistRider Zipline.
Spend a few hours at the Outlet Mall
You’re sure to have a good time!

Dufferin Islands is a nature park
With fish and water fowl.
And stranded on the upper river
Is an ancient damaged scow.

So many things to do here
I think you will agree.
But if you still have any doubt
Just come for yourself and see.

© 2021 Stephanie Vigh Nielsen

Visit Stephanie Vigh Nielsen’s Niagara Proud website