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This is an author search page listing authors by last name along with titles of poems. Click on the title to see the poem.  For a listing of poems written about the War of 1812, its commemorations, and reflections upon it, please go to the Poems of the War of 1812 in Niagara page.

Over 130 poems and doggerel were written in the Table Rock Albums. Some of the more literary ones are listed in this index. For a more complete index place visit the Table Rock Album table of contents. (this section is not yet complete).

The very first poem that contains a reference to Niagara Falls is Untitled, by Le Sievr de la Franchise, published in 1604.

Poets of the Niagara Area can be found on the Niagara Poets page or in the Categories Search drop boxs under “Niagara Poet”

Poets A-C

Admirari, Nil [F.W. Shelton] The Trollopiad
Aileen S. Flowers
Alexander, James Lynne.  Wonders of the West; or, A Day at the Falls of Niagara in 1825
Allen, William.   Niagara Falls
Allis, Almon Trask.  Uncle Alvin at Niagara
Almira. Stanzas
Alnwick, I. 4. (?) The Chippawa Creek
Amoss, Harry. Niagara
Andres. Jackie.   The Downtown Falls
Anglian, E.  To the Old Schoolhouse on Lundy’s Lane
•    A Ballad of the Caroline
•    The Battle of Bridgewater
•    Bloody Battle Near Niagara
•    The Chippawa Creek
•    Emily Helena Crummer Lodge
•    Lines On Reading That The Only Words Spoken…
•    Niagara (Great Fall, all hail:)
•    Niagara: A Poem
•    Niagara Falls
•    Untitled  (All hail, Niagara! by thine awful noise,)
•    Untitled ( Niagara, Niagara — careering in its might,)
•    Untitled as Reported by X.Y. (Niagara Falls are a wonderful scene)
•    The Wonderful Leaps of Sam Patch
Antonio, Charles. Niagara Falls
Appleton, Thomas Gold.
•    Goat Island
•    Niagara
Argyll, Duke of, (John Campbell, Marquis of Lorne)  Niagara
Asbury, Nick. Realtime Notes: 24 July 2019 at 20:29
•    Baby Steps IV
•    burgoyne bridge
•    carnival tunes
•    Robert Frost
•    water child
Austin, Henry.   Niagara
Babcock, James Staunton. Niagara
Bacon, Ezekiel. Niagara Falls
Bakelaar, Bartholomew.  Long Live the All Day Breakfast Diner
Banker, William, Jr.  The Battle of Queenstown (October 13, 1812)
Bard of Niagara (J.B. Waid) Niagara River and Falls
Bard, Portly . To Frederic Edwin Church Regarding Niagara Falls
Barger, John Wall. Chernobyl
Barlow. Joel.  The Columbiad
Barlow, John R. John’s Trip, or, A Visit to Niagara
Barrett, Herb. For Robert Billings
Barry, Lynn.  Niagara falls…so get up why don’t ya?    About Lynn Barry
Bates, Katharine Lee.
•    Niagara
•    The Song of Niagara (1910 version)
•    The Song of Niagara (1911 version)
Baxley, Dr.   A Sabbath at Niagara
Baxter,E. R., III.   Looking for Niagara    About E. R. Baxter III
Beam, Betty J.  (Children’s poems)
•   Before Explorers and Pioneers (limerick)
•   Brock’s Monument
•   A Cow and Ice Cream
•   The Floral Clock
•   Friday Fireworks
•   The Niagara River
•   A Pioneer’s Prayer
•   World Wonder
Bell, Ian.   Signor Farini
Betjeman, John. A Shropshire Lad
Bickford, E.L.T. Harris  The Falls of Niagara   About E.L.T. Harris-Bickford
Bigney, M.F.
•    Lines Written for a Lady’s Hair Album, at Niagara
•    Visit of the Sunbeams to the Falls of Niagara
Billings, Robert. Epiphanies on the First Cold Day
Bird, James. Francis Abbott: The Recluse of Niagara
Bishop, Morris. Public Aid for Niagara Falls
Blewett, Joan.   Laura Secord
Boehm, Rose Mary. An Item on my Old Bucket List
Bond, Bruce. Niagara
Boz.  Untitled  (Niagara – here Nature holds its sway,)
Brainard, John G. C.  The Fall of Niagara
Breakenridge, John. The Falls of Niagara
Breanna T. Cherish
Bremer, Fredrika. Untitled
Bronstein, Lynne. Again to the Falls
Brooks, Maria Gower (Maria del Occidente) Stanzas to Niagara
Brosnan, Jim. Vantage Point
Brown, Daniel. Niagara November 1978
Brown, David Paul.  Upon Being Asked to Describe Niagara
Brown, J. Newton. The Falls of Niagara
Brownell, Henry Howard.  Niagara
Bruce, Wallace.  Niagara
Bryan, Clark W. At Niagara
Bryant, William Cullen.  Niagara  Translation of  José María Heredia’s Niágara (1825 version)
Buckingham, J. S.   To Niagara
Bulkley, Rev. C.H.A. Niagara. A Poem
Burroughs, Rev. Charles. Niagara Falls
Burwell, Adam Hood (Erieus)
•    The Battle of Lundy’s Lane
•    A Dream
•    The Death of Brock
•    Journal of a Day’s Journey in Upper Canada in October, 1816
•    Lines Occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Crysler, of Niagara
•    Lines Written at Sun-rise in Sight of the Falls of Niagara
•    To the House of My Friend
Butler, B.F. Sonnet to the Niagara River
Calvert, Myles.  The Path
Campbell, John, Duke of Argyll, Marquis of Lorne.  Niagara
Carlisle, Earl of, 7th. (Lord Morpeth)   Niagara Falls
Canale, G. D. To Niagara
Carnochan, Janet.  Battle of Lundy’s Lane, 25th July, 1814
Cartwright, Conway E. Lena: a Legend of Niagara
Cattey, Bill.   En Route to Niagara Falls     
Chambers, Bob. Judy’s Hootenanny
Champniss, Kim Clarke.
•    At the Head of the Falls
•    Love Letter to Niagara Falls
Channing, William Ellery.   The Niagara Fall
Charles, Emily Thornton. An Address to the Body of a Man in the Whirlpool — Niagara
Chester, Anson G.   At Niagara Falls
Chou, Lucie. Looking at Church’s Niagara Falls on the Web
Clark, Simeon Tucker. Conroy the Brave
Clark, Willis Gaylord.  Niagara
Clinch, Joseph Hart.  Niagara
Cole, Diana. Nik Wallenda Walks a Wire Across Niagara Falls
Cole, Margaret. Please Help Me I’m Falling
Coles, Abraham.
•    Niagara
•    A Sabbath at Niagara
Colombo, John Robert.  Niagara Falls
Conn, Jan.  Choices
Conn, Virginia.   Too near the falls
Cook, Joseph.  Niagara
Cooper, James Fenimore. A Legend of the Whirlpool
Copeland, Benjamin. Niagara
Copeland, Kate.
•  Dad, you have left us
•  Falling Days
Corso, Gregory.  Marriage
Cotrufo, Maria. The Falls
Coveney, John.  Niagara Falls
Coventry, Geoge. The Hon. Wm. Hamilton Merritt
Cowdin, Jasper Barnett. Niagara Falls
Cranch. Christopher Pearse. 
•  The Cataract Isle
•  Niagara
Crapsey, Adelaide.   Niagara, Seen on a Night in November    About Adelaide Crapsey
Crawford, Alexander Wellington. To a Flower
Cristelli, Samuel R.  Niagara Beautiful
Crowquill (Rev. Archibald Lampman, Sr.) Battle of Queenston Heights, October 13, 1812
Curmudgeon, Mellow. Sunny Day at Niagara Falls
Curtis, Philip J.   The Brittle Branch
Curzon, Sarah Anne  
•    The 74th Anniversary of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane (signed S.A.C.)
•    Visit of the Prince of Wales to Laura Secord
Cutter, G. W.
•    Morning at the Falls
•    Niagara

Poets D-F

Dagle, Patricia Borneman.   Sons of Adam 
Dalton, Henry G. Lines Written After Seeing the Falls of Niagara
Daniels, Jim. Niagara Falls: A Poem
Das Gupta, Sarah. Uncertainty
Davidson, Fisher.  William Kirby
Day, Richard Edwin.
•    Niagara (Majestic archer ! Scarce more swiftly fly)
•    Niagara (River that runnest with tempestuous note)
De la Mare, Walter. Blondin
del Occidente, Maria (Maria Gowen Brooks) Stanzas to Niagara
Deuther, Charles G. Canticles of Niagara
Dewart, Edward Hartley. The Falls of Niagara
Di Sciascio-Andrews, Josie
•   Into the Mist
•   On the American Side
•   Pink Daiquiris
Dickens, Charles (attributed to).  Untitled
Dickson, Julie A.
•   Dry Falls
•   Niagara Ball Falls
•   Niagara River 1965
•   Yellow Slicker [1967]
Dollard, Father James B.
•   Loretto Convent, Niagara Falls
•   Niagara
•  The Niagara Gorge
Donovan, Matt. Psalm
Doucet, FJ My Grandmother Was a Waitress in Niagara Falls
Douglas, Alexander. An Acrostic
Dowling Rev. John. Sacred Musings
Drake, Joseph Rodman
•   Niagara
•   Niagara’s Everlasting Voice
Drayne, Karen. Ferrotype
Dresser, Horace.  Apostrophe to Niagara
Dugan, Alan.  Niagara Falls
Duncan, Francis Untitled
Durkin, Martin.  Untitled
E.D.H. The Fugitive Slave’s Apostrophe to Niagara
Eady, Cornelius
•   The Death of Sam Patch
•   Sam Patch
Edgar, James David. Arouse Ye, Brave Canadians!
Ellis, Christopher. To Avoid an Unpleasant Tryst (limerick)
Ellis, Dr. Keith  Niagara Translation of  José María Heredia’s Niágara (1825 version)
Ellison, Henry. On the Falls of Niagara
Emmons, Richard. The Fredoniad; or Independence Preserved
Emtage, Sarah
•    Cloud Factory  
•    Cup o’ Niagara
Ennis, Scott. The Texture of Niagara Falls
Erieus (Adam Hood Burwell)
•    The Battle of Lundy’s Lane
•    A Dream
•    The Death of Brock
•    Journal of a Day’s Journey in Upper Canada in October, 1816
•    Lines Occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Crysler, of Niagara
•    Lines Written at Sun-rise in Sight of the Falls of Niagara
•    To the House of My Friend
Feliciano, Margarita.
•   Devil’s Hole (Niagara Falls)
•  Aguljero del Diablo
Ferguson, Samuel. Sonnet Suggested by Mr Wall’s Painting of the Falls of Niagara
Fidelis [Machar, Agnes Maule]
•    Laura Secord (1902 version)
•    Mary [Laura] Secord: A Canadian Ballad of 1813 (1880 version)
Fields, James Thomas. Life at Niagara: An Epistle From the Falls
Finlayson, Tom Lloyd.
•    Niagara, I Love You
•    Under the Locust Boughs
Fisher, Arthur William. Niagara
Florio. A Legend of Niagara
Flynn, Captain.  Father Louis Hennepin
Forbes, Duncan. Niagara
Forrest, Shelby.  What Goes Up Will Always Come Down
Forster, Jeffrey. Untitled
Fowler, E. G.
•  Ah There ! Niagara !
•  Niagaratic Impressions
Fox, Richard H.
•  Niagara Falls 1972
•  Niagara Falls 1972 (revised)
Franchise, Le Sievr de la 
•    Untitled
•    Untitled. Translated by Jonathan Kaplansky
Fraser, Laryalee.  Secrets of Niagara Falls       About Laryalee Fraser
Fréchette, Louis Honoré. 
•    Le Niagara
•    Niagara (English translation by Charles Pelham Mulvany)
Froebel, Stephanie. What Does it Mean to Fall (Niagara Falls Changed My Perception on Life)
Fuller, Ada Elizabeth. 
•    Chimes of De Veaux
•    The Gorge of Niagara
•    Lines Written in Drummond Hill Cemetery
•    Niagara
•    The Winds of Niagara
Fun Magazine. Disappointed Again

Poets G-K

Gansworth, Eric
•    Apple: Skin to the Core
•    A Half-Life of Cardio-Pulmonary Function: Poems and Paintings
•    Nickel Eclipse: Iroquois Moon: Poems and Paintings
Garesché, Edward F., S.J.  Niagara in Winter
Garrett, J.C., Rev., The Centennial: A Poem Written on the Centenary of St. Mark’s Church
Gay, James. Lines on the Death of Captain Webb
Gilbert, Howard Worcester. Niagara
Gilbert, Kathy. Niagara
Gilder, Richard Watson.  At Niagara
Glenny, Elizabeth.  Niagara River Table d’Hôte
Glikman, Boris   Falling With the Falls    About Boris Glikman
Glover, Jon. To the Niagara Frontier: Poems New and Selected
Goldsmith, Oliver. The Traveller; or, A Prospect of Society
Gómez de Avellaneda, Gertrudis.  A Vista del Niágara
Gould, Hannah Flagg. Flower of Niagara
Graham, Catherine.  The Water Draws
Green, Ernest. Twilight on the Tow-Path
Grinfield, Thomas.  Hymn on Niagara
Grol, Lini,
•    Fondly Remembered Old Queenston
•    Lelawala: The Maid of the Mist
•    Niagara Falls
•    Our Niagara River
•    Seeing Niagara
Gurney, Joseph John.  Untitled
Guthrie, William Norman. Niagara Twice Seen
Haksever, Ozan.  Niagara
Hadley, Scott Manley. Niagara Falls, I Do Not
Hall, Lansing V. Ode to Niagara
Hamilton, Bill. The Thing
Hanaford, Mrs. Phebe A.  Niagara
Harper, J. M.  The Siege of Fort Erie
Harris, Doug. Brave Men (Limerick)
Harris-Bickford, E.L.T.  The Falls of Niagara   About E.L.T. Harris-Bickford
Harrison, Susan Frances “Seranus”   Niagara in Winter
Haywood, Walter. Suicide Note
H.D.M. The Falls of Niagara
Heideman, Kathleen.  Woman in a Barrel, About To Go Over Niagara Falls
Henry, Elizabeth.  Niagara
Heredia, José María
•   Niágara (1825 version)
•   Niagara (1825 version)  Translated by William Cullen Bryant
•   Niagara (1825 version)  Translated by Dr. Keith Ellis
•   Niágara (1832 version)
Hernandez, Consuelo. Niagara Falls
Hill, Thomas.  Hymn of Niagara
Hine, E. Curtiss. A Night on the Niagara
Hobberlin, David.
•    Achilles in Time and Space
•    On the Bridge at Chippawa
•    The Sentinel – A Reflection on Xanadu
Holland, E.G. Niagara
Hood, Thomas. The Fall
Hosmer, William H. C. Rest!
Houghton, George.  Niagara
Housley, Joseph. Niagara Powerhouse
Howard, George William Frederick (Lord Morpeth)   Niagara Falls
Howell, John Edward. Niagara
Howells, William Dean.  Avery, 1853
Hughes, James L. Upon the Heights at Queenston (The Battle of Queenston Heights)
Hultzén, Claud H., Sr. Untitled
Huntington, Gurdon. Niagara Visited in Autumn
Imrie, John.
•    Niagara Falls
•    Ode to Lake Ontario
Inman, Keith.  The Cormorant
J.H.R.  On the Death of Major-General Brock
J.S.W.  Thoughts at Niagara
Jackson, James Walton.  The Test of Cantilever
Jacobs, Alex. Flying Over Niagara Falls (with SAP by Janet Marie Rogers)
Jaffray, Norman R. Niagara Sulks
Jain, Rakhi.  Niagara Falls – The Paradise on Earth
Jakeway, Charles Edwin. Death of Brock
Jefferson, Jessica Lyne
•    A Moment
•    Somewhere Between Detroit and Syracuse
Jenkins, Robert S. Niagara
Jenkinson, Rev.  Martin R.  Dedication of the Bells
Johnson, R. L. Apostrophe to Niagara
Jones, April.
•    A Most Beautiful Space on Earth
•    So She Flows
Jones, B.S. The Fugitive’s Song
Jones, Charles L.S.  The Hero of Bridgewater
Kalman, Bobbie. Death of an Immigrant
Kaplansky, Jonathan (translator) Untitled. by Franchise, Le Sievr de la
Kershaw, James.  Niagara
Kirby, William.  
•    Sonnet Read at the Unveiling of the Lundys Lane Monument, 25th July, 1895
•    Spina Christi
Knobloch, Al. The Eternal Blunder
Kumin, Maxine. The Bridge Builder

Poets L-N

Lampman, Archibald, Jr.  A Niagara Landscape
Lampman, Rev. Archibald, Sr. (Crowquill) Battle of Queenston Heights, October 13, 1812
Lashelle, Donald.  The River Niagara
Lazarus, Emma.
•    Niagara
•    Niagara River Below the Falls
Lee, John B. 
•    The River Non Believe
•    Wirewalker
Lefevre, Lily Alice. Across the Gulf
Lennan, Charles R. (Private). Second Battalion, Ontario Regiment (Tank)
Leonard, Amanda. The Local Tourist
Lindsay, H.  Niagara To Its Visitors
Lindsay, Vachel
•    Niagara (Chinese Nightingale Version)
•    Niagara (Poetry Magazine Version)
Liston, James K. Niagara Falls: A Poem in Three Cantos
Livingston, Mrs. O.M. Niagara Falls
Lockhart, Arthur John (Pastor Felix). Niagara
Loewen, Harris
•   At Niagara Falls
•   Peaceful Niagara (Niagara in 1882)
•   Tears and Laurels (On the Death of Major-General Brock)
Loftus, Jimmie
•    CANAL CAMP BALLADS No. 1: The Great Saint’s Medal 
•    CANAL CAMP BALLADS No. 2: The Drifting Legion
•    CANAL CAMP BALLADS N0. 3: The Port of Call
Logan, John Daniel
•    Brock: Valiant Leader
•    Drummond: Indomitable Soldier
•    The Over-Song of Niagara
Longfellow, Samuel.  Under the Bridge at Niagara
Lord, John Chase.  The Genius of Niagara
Lorne, Marquis of (John Campbell, Duke of Argyll). Niagara
Loveman, Robert. Niagara
Lover, Samuel.  Nymph of Niagara
MacColl, Evan. From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Macdonald, John. Niagara in 1882 (Peaceful Niagara)
MacDonald, Wilson.  Niagara
MacEwen, Gwendolyn. Niagara Daredevil, 37, Buried Near the Falls
Machar, Agnes Maule.
•    Laura Secord (1902 version)
•    Mary [Laura] Secord: A Canadian Ballad of 1813 (1880 version)
Mair, Charles. A Ballad for Brave Women
Mancuso, Mila. Niagara Falls
Markham, Edwin. Anchored to the Infinite
Martling, James A.  The Hermit of Niagara
Mary. Niagara Falls Pagoda at Sunset
Mazzaro, Jerome
•    At Niagara Falls
•    Treasure
McCabe, Kevin.
•    Canadiana 2000
•    SCA Chemical Waste Services Speaks to the People of Niagara, Regarding Run-Off From the Love Canal
McCann, John Ernest (with Francis S. Saltus) Niagara
McClemont, W.M. The Thunder of Waters
McClure, William. Niagara Falls
McGee, Thomas D’Arcy. The Launch of the Griffin
McGuire, Michael. Thoughts on Niagara
McInerney, Cole
•     The Buildings of the Dream
•     Convenient Corner
•     Lake Erie
•     Russell Street
McIntyre, James
•     Bear and Falls
•     Niagara Dry
•     Niagara’s Charms and Death of Webb
•    Reminiscences
McJilton, J.N. Niagara
McNie, Frank. Niagara on the Lake
McQueen, Thomas. The Iron and the Fire
Mehta, Ram M.  Niagara
Meister, Wilhelm. Creation’s Pride
Meitner, Erika. Niagara
MellowCurmugeon. Sunny Day at Niagara Falls
Melloy, James. Resignation to the Approaching Period of Decline and Decay
Member of the Ohio Bar, A. Niagara; A Poem
Menzies, George.
•    Lines Written in the Album of The Table Rock, Niagara Falls
•    On the Same
•    Verses Written in the Album Kept at the Table Rock, Niagara Falls, During a
Thunder Storm (1834 version)

•    Verses Written in the Album Kept at the Table Rock, Niagara Falls, During a Thunder Storm (1850 version)
Merritt, J. P.
•    The Battle of Beaverdams
•    Canada Seventy Years ago, or, Prince Edward’s Visit to Niagara
Miller, Edward W.  On the Erection of a Monument On the Battlefield of Lundy’s Lane
Misener, Melvin Byron.
•    A Country Sleigh Ride (a fragment)
•    A Pic-Nic at the Falls
Mitchell, Samuel L. (tr.) The Falls of Niagara by Giambattista Scandella
M’Jilton, R.N. Niagara
Moberly, T. E.  Lundy’s Lane — 1814-1914 (July 25)
Moga, Irina. An Invitation to Niagara Falls
Montclair, John W. (aka J.W. Weidemeyer) Niagara
Moodie, Susanna. The Burning of the Caroline
Moody, Marilyn K. Sunday Afternoon in Niagara Falls
Moore, Abraham (A.M.) Niagara: A Poem
Moore, Clara Jessup (also known as Clara Jessup Moreton)
•    Niagara Above the Cataract
•    Niagara Below the Cataract
Moore, Clement Clarke (Florio). A Legend of Niagara
Moorhead, Andrea
•    Niagara weeps
•    wind and light
Moreton, Clara Jessup (also known as Clara Jessup Moore)
•    Niagara Above the Cataract
•    Niagara Below the Cataract
Morgan, Megan Nicole. Niagara Falls: A Haiku
Morpeth, Lord    Niagara Falls
Muldoon, Paul.  A Collegelands Catechism   About Paul Muldoon
Mulvany, Charles Pelham.  Niagara
Munro, Kathryn.  Niagara Falls
Murphy, A. J.  Ode to a Bytown Youth
Murray, Joan.  “She’s Coming!”  (From Queen of the Mist)
Narushima Ryūhoku. Niagara Falls
Nathan, Leonard. Niagara
Neal, John. The Battle of Niagara
Nezhukumatathil, Aimee.
•   The Falling: Three Who Have Intentionally Plunged Over Niagara Falls With the Hope of Surviving
•   Dave Munday Went Over Niagara Falls Twice in a Barrel—and Lived
Nichol, bp  How Niagara Falls
Nicoletti, Joey. Meditation at Niagara Falls, New York
Nielsen, Stephanie Vigh.
•   Have You Ever Been to Niagara?
•   Niagara, My Home Town
•   Ode to a School
•   Stamford Collegiate Memories
Nims, John Frederick. Niagara
Noel, Garet. The Song of Niagara
Novick, Honey. Niagara, Powerful Splendour
Nowikowski, Melinda.  As Falls Niagara    About Melinda Nowikowski
Noyes, Alfred. The River of Stars: A Legend of Niagara
Nye, Naomi Shihab. Niagara

Poets O-S

O’Brien, Dan. The War Reporter Paul Watson Takes Some Afghans to Niagara
Occidente, Maria del (Maria Gower Brooks) Stanzas to Niagara
Older, Julia. Niagara
Onofrio, C. D.
•    Italian Angel of Gelato
•    Niagara Falls
•    Niagara Falls, NY
•    Scenes From a Hungarian Restaurant
O’Regan, John Joseph.  Queen of the Mist
O’Regan, Myles. The Battle of Lundy’s Lane
O’Reilly, Henry D. Untitled
Orton, J. R. Untitled
Overmire, Laurence.  Niagara
Pace, Larry
•    Niagara Falls at Night
•    Niagara Falls – Viagra Calls
Palmer, Frank B.  Apostrophe to Niagara
Park, Roswell. Niagara Falls
Parker, Willard.  Niagara’s Rainbow: The Legend of the White Canoe
Pastor Felix (Arthur John Lockhart). Niagara
Patel, Hardi. Justyce’s “I Am From” Poem
Penha, James.
•    Platt
•    Under the Falls
Percival, James Gates. I Too Have Seen Thy Ever-Pouring Flood
Pickering, Henry.  The Leap of Niagara
Plumly, Stanley.  In Passing
Pombo, Rafael.   En El Niágara
Popović, Miloje. Poem of Tesla
Porter, Peter A. 
•    A Legend of Goat Island
•    Lines Written in a Young Lady’s Album
Porteus, Andrew.
•    Bossy Simms: A Limerick
•    COVID – Niagara Falls: A (Very) Short Poem
•    Helicopter Rescue: A Limerick
Pratt, Parley P. Niagara Falls
Pratt, Sarah.  Niagara
Preet, Onkar.  Niagara Falls
Price, Heather. Parked at the Mall (limerick)
Racine, Ryan
•    Flow State
•    Sorting Skins
•    Worldly Wounds
Ranchuk, Deborah. Home to Niagara
Reaney, James.  Niagara Falls
Reardon, Patrick T. This Moment
Reed, Tennessee. Pact With the Devil
Reese, George W. Niagara Falls
Reynolds. P. M.   Mrs. Anna Edson Taylor, Goddess of Water 
Rice, Roswell.
•    Cataract of Niagara and Suspension Bridge
•    The Falls of Niagara 
Richards, William Carey.  Niagara in Spring

Ridgely, A. S.  Poem
Rieger, J. Ernest. Thy Bells Deveaux
Roach, Rich.
•    Great Cataract Sublime
•    Winter Falls
Robinson, J.E. To Niagara
Rogers, Janet Marie. SAP (with Flying Over Niagara Falls by Alex Jacobs)
Rogers, Stan.  MacDonnell on the Heights
Roland, Jean. Bruce Trail
Rose, Jennifer. Niagara Falls Postcard
Rosenbaum, Benjamin. Niagara
Roslyn C. Flow
Rowland, C. W.  Eternal – Beautiful – Serene – Sublime
Ruch, Colene. Dry Run / 1848
Ryan, Kay. The Niagara River
Ryan M., Valentine 
Ryūhoku, Narushima. Niagara Falls
S.A.C. (Curzon, Sarah Anne (?))  The 74th Anniversary of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane
Saltus, Francis S. (with John Ernest McCann) Niagara
Sandburg, Carl. The People, Yes (section 70)
Sanders, R. W. Niagara
Sands, Robert Charles. A Monody Made on the Late Mr. Samuel Patch, By an Admirer of the Bathos
Sangster, Charles. 
•    Brock
•    From Queenston Heights
Savage, John. At Niagara
Saxe, John G.  Untitled
Scandella, Giambattista. The Falls of Niagara (tr. by Samuel L. Mitchell)
Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe. Niagara: an Allegory
Scott, Duncan Campbell.  The Battle of Lundy’s Lane
Seranus (Susan France Harrison)   Niagara in Winter
Sharpe, William. Niagara
Sheard, Virna. Dedication of “The Miracle and Other Poems”
Shelton, F.W. The Trollopiad
Shepherd, Mary A.  Niagara
Sigourney, Lydia Huntley.
•    Apostrophe to Niagara
•    Farewell to Niagara
•    The Hermit of The Falls
•    Niagara (1835 version) (Flow on for ever, in thy glorious robe)
•    Niagara (1901 version) (Flow on forever, in thy glorious robe)
•    Niagara (Up to the Table-Rock, where the great flood)
Simon, Margaret. The chant of rocks is the falls
Sirianni, Shie. Fairview Cemetery
Skrzeszewski, Stan. Creative Memories: In Honour of the Polish Soldiers Who Died at the Battle of Fort Erie (complete book .pdf)
Sladen, Douglas Brooke Wheelton.  To the American Fall at Niagara
Smith, Donna-Lee. Leaping
Smith, Doug.
•    Another December Snow Day in Niagara Falls
•    The Niagara Falls of You
•    Niagara in San Diego
•    Of Sometime True Lovers
Soldier, A. Poem to Commemorate the Battle of Queenston Heights
Sorrentino, Elaine. Spellbound
Sparshott, Francis.  The Battle of Queenston Heights
Stark, Caleb.  The Battle of Lundy’s Lane
Steele, Ann Marie. Hear Me Roar
Steensen, Sasha. The Undertow
Stephen, Carol
•    On Seeing Niagara to Advantage, Found in Walt Whitman
•    On Revisiting Niagara April 27, 2016
Stevens, Elsie.  The Niagara River
Stevens, James Thomas. El Barril
Stevens, W. A.  Untitled
Stewart, A.C. The Poetical Review: a Brief Notice of Canadian Poets and Poetry
Story, William Wetmore. Niagara
Strachan, James. Sonnet on Fort George
Strachan, John, Bishop.  Niagara Falls
Stratford, Meryl.  Helen Keller at Niagara Falls
Stuart-Wortley, Emmeline.
•     Sonnet on Niagara
•     To Niagara (Chaos of Beauty! — yet with horror blent)
•     To Niagara (Niagara! — that glorious voice of thine)
Sullivan, Ruth.  Nature’s Wonder
Summerss, George. Niagara Falls
Suraiya, K.  Niagara
Sylvester, H. Discovery of Termination Rock

Poets T-Z

Tabb, John Bannister. Niagara
Tappan, William B.
•    Niagara
•    Virginia A. D****
Taylor, Robert R.  Spirit of the Big Ditch: The Story of the Welland Canals in Pictures, Poems and Songs
Tee, Emily. Memories of a Niagara Falls Morning, 1856
Thompson, Clarence Arthur Dowling.  Martyrs of Progress
Todd, Susan Hill.  The Whirlpool of Niagara River Viewed on a Sabbath Morning
A Traveller.  Glen Albert Near DeCew Falls
Trumbull, William.  The Legend of the White Canoe
Tucker, James Alexander.  Lundy’s Lane    About James Alexander Tucker
Tulk, Amanda.
•    The Niagara Scow
•    The Screaming Tunnels
Tupper, Martin Farquhar.  Niagara
Turner, Elder A. Poem on the Death of Mr. Job Hoisington
Tustin, Alan. A Tribute to George Seibel
Uppal, Priscila.  Niagara Mermaids
Urquhart, Jane. Poems from The Undertaker’s Bride section of False Shuffles
Valiquette, Win. Sad Story 
Van Duzee, Ira Damon. Niagara
Various authors.  Table Rock Album
Very, Jones. On Viewing the Falls of Niagara, as Photographed by George Barker
Wade, R.A.
•    A Poem on Niagara Falls
•    Untitled
Wagner, RN.  Forced Entry
Waid, J.B. (Bard of Niagara) Niagara River and Falls
Walker-Lass, Debbie. The Ice Crack’d, 1912
Ward, James Warner.  To Niagara
Watson, Albert Durrant. Niagara
Watson, Evelyn M.   Poems from Poems of the Niagara Frontier
Weidemeyer, J.W. (aka John W. Montclair) Niagara
Weir, Arthur.  Love’s Changeableness
Weiss, Phillip W.
•    Niagara Falls
•    Surging Water
Welch, Thomas Vincent. Thy Bells Deveaux
Wellsteed, J.  The Falls of Niagara
Wendell, Harvey. Niagara in Winter
Wetherald, A. Ethelwyn. Unheard Niagaras
White, William Thomas. The Battle of Queenston Heights
Whitman, Walt. On Seeing Niagara to Advantage
Whitney, Betty Ann.  Early This Morning
Whiton-Stone, C. E.  Niagara
Wilbor, William Chambers. Ode to Niagara
Wilde, Oscar. Disappointed Again
Wilkinson, Caroline Eleanor.
•    Niagara Falls
•    The Unforgotten
•    Voice of Niagara
•    The Winter King at Niagara Falls
Wilkinson, Florence.  Niagara
Wilkinson, Lieut.-Col. J. R.
•    The Battle of Lundy’s Lane
•    The Battle of Queenston Heights
•    Laura Secord; or, The Battle of Beaver Dams
•    Niagara
Williams, Espy. Niagara
Williamson, Diana. King of the Mist
Wilson, Alexander. The Foresters
Wines, Mary J. Niagara Falls
Wojahn, David.  The Assassination of John Lennon as Depicted by the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, Niagara Falls, Ontario, 1987
Wyatt, Edith.  Niagara
X.Y.  Unitled by Anonymous as Reported by X.Y. (Niagara Falls are a wonderful scene,)
Young, Kate. Hearing the World Differently
Young, Thomas Frederick. Niagara Falls
Zaremba, Edward.  Niagara Captive: a Poem

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