Table Rock Album Titles

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The title page of the Table Rock Album

In 1848 the Table Rock Album; or, Sketches of the Falls and Scenery Adjacent was first published. This book contains selections from guest books kept at Table Rock, and includes poems, prose, and doggerel about various visitors’ reflections on Niagara Falls. All of the poems and doggerel are indexed here. Some of the more literary poems are also indexed on the  Author Search and the Title Search pages.

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Acrostic by Anonymous
A Dialogue  by Crack Bard & No Bard.  (Stupendous river — mighty cataract!)
A Dialogue  by G. et al.
A Dialogue  by H. Foote et al.
A Dialogue  by S. & M.
A Dialogue  by John Smyth (I should have surely written a poem here;)
A Dialogue by H. Sylvester et al. (I have been to “Termination Rock”)
A Dialogue by W.H.A. et al.(If it were not such a squally day)
A Dialogue by W.M. et al. (We are here today and gone tomorrow)
Discovery of Termination Rock by H. Sylvester (A young salmon, one day)
Eternal – Beautiful – Serene – Sublime  by C. W. Rowland
Lines On Reading That The Only Words Spoken… by Anonymous
Lines Written in the Album of The Table Rock, Niagara Falls  by George Menzies
Niagara  by Willis Gaylord Clark
Niagara  by Sarah Pratt
Niagara Falls  by the 7th Earl of Carlisle (Lord Morpeth)
Niagara Falls  by George William Frederick Howard (Lord Morpeth)
Niagara Falls  by Lord Morpeth

Niagara To Its Visitors  by H. Lindsay
On the Same by George Menzies
Religion  by A.R.P.
Sacred Musings  by Rev. John Dowling 
Stanzas to Niagara  by Maria del Occidente (Maria Gower Brooks)
To Niagara  by Anonymous
To the Atheist  by Anonymous
Untitled  by A.B. (Let no one think ‘t is waste of time)
Untitled by A.H. (Sit by this roaring surge)
Untitled  by Alethes (There’s grandeur in the lightning stroke)
Untitled  by A.N.C. (Niagara ! to thee)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Ages on ages Niagara has been pouring)
Untitled  by Anonymous (All hail, Niagara! by thine awful noise,)
Untitled  by Anonymous (As on the stormy beach I strayed)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Boast not thy greatness, Yankees tall)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Built by the golden sun, by day)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Can man stop yonder cataracts in its course?)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Fair Albion, smiling, sees her sons depart!)
Untitled  by Anonymous (The Falls are all I fancied them;)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Farewell, O Niagara! rolling in splendor,)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Great is the mystery of Niagara’s waters)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Hark, hark! ‘t is Niagara’s mighty roar)
Untitled  by Anonymous (How poor! how very poor is praise from man!)
Untitled by Anonymous (I came to see)
Untitled  by Anonymous (I stare with wonder, and alas!)
Untitled  by Anonymous (I stood upon Niagara’s dizzy heights)
Untitled  by Anonymous (If a fellow should slide down from off a slippery stick,)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Look, look up; the spray is dashing)
Untitled  by Anonymous (My thoughts are strange, sublime and deep,)
Untitled  by Anonymous (My wife and I went round the Falls;)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Next to the bliss of seeing Sarah,)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Niagara, Niagara — careering in its might,)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Niagara! thy waters were not made)
Untitled  by Anonymous (On Table Rock we did embrace)
Untitled  by Anonymous (“On to the curtained shrine — ay, pass within)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Once on a time, with nought to do at home,)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Roar away, mighty Fall)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Roll on, Niagara! — amid thy roar,)
Untitled  by Anonymous (A scene so vast, so wildly grand,)
Untitled  by Anonymous (To view Niagara Falls one day,)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Visitors, whene’er you wish)
Untitled  by Anonymous (The wealth of Crœsus might have built)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Ye prosing poets, who dull rhymes indite,)
Untitled  by Anonymous (Ye who would feast your souls on heavenly food,)
Untitled by J. Austin (Down the steep an ocean pours)
Untitled  by A.U.Z. (Land of my birth! land of the “stripes and stars”)
Untitled  by Charlotte B______
Untitled  by Bar-Tender
Untitled  by Boz (Niagara – here Nature holds its sway,)
Untitled  by Jefferson Bragg
Untitled  by Brass Spurs and Brown Coat. 
Untitled  by N. Brooks (Ceaseless Niagara, shall thy thunder roll)
Untitled   by Bryant (I came from Wall Street)
Untitled  by C.O.B. (I’ll climb the mountain tops)
Untitled   by C. H. Cope (Thou image of the Almighty One, as on thy wave I gaze)
Untitled  by Cyrus (Here fools from all lands take of gazing their fill,)
Untitled  by T.H. Dashiell  (‘Twas great to speak a world from naught,)
Untitled  by Charles Dickens (attributed to)
Untitled  by Francis Duncan
Untitled  by Thomas A. Dwyn
Untitled  by E.J.H.
Untitled  by Emphatic
Untitled  by François.
Untitled  by G.
Untitled  by Oh!!
Untitled  by Henry D. O’Reilly
Untitled by P.
Untitled  by Jos. H. Patten
Untitled  by Quiz
Untitled  by R.C.
Untitled  by B.T. Romaine
Untitled  by John G. Saxe (See Niagara’s torrent pour over the height,)
Untitled  by S.B.
Untitled  by John B. Schunk
Untitled by Socrates (If I were annoyed with a termagant wife)
Untitled  by S.P.B. (The waters of Niagara)
Untitled  by E.S. Smith (Not in the forest vast, when winds awake)
Untitled by The Spirit of the Water (All ye perturbed souls, that go)
Untitled by Capting Ralph Stackpole (‘Tis did – my braggin’ days is o’er)
Untitled by W.A. Stevens (If Lovers’ Leaps were now the fashion)
Untitled by Solomon Swop (In foam, these Falls resemble ginger-pop)
Untitled by T.J.R. (Should cruel fate, by some unconquer’d spell,)
Untitled by T.S., jun. (Niagara’s mighty waters, rushing by)
Untitled by T.S.L. (Boast not thyself, Niagara,)
Untitled by Job Thornbury (All came to see whate’er was to be seen;)
Untitled by Annie Todd (I looked upon the water, and I smiled)
Untitled by H.B. Tuttle (Roll on, Niagara, as thou hast ever rolled,)
Untitled by C.W. Wilson (Mighty water! headlong tumbling)
Untitled by Y. (O! the wonderful Falls of Niagara)
Untitled by Zaney (Yes, traveler, go under)
Verses Written in the Album Kept at the Table Rock, Niagara Falls, During a Thunder Storm (1834 version) by George Menzies

George Holley, in his book The Falls of Niagara, 1883 states that: “Before the last fall of Table Rock, there stood upon it for many years a comfortable summer-house, where people could take refuge from the spray, look at the Falls, partake of luncheon, and procure guides and dresses to go under the sheet. In the sitting-room was a large round table, on which were placed a number of albums, as they were called. In these visitors could write whatever thoughts or sentiments might be suggested by the scene. With the grand reality before them but few persons attempted anything serious, by far the greater number adopting the facetious vein. It was emphatically light literature. One or two collections of it have been published, furnishing the reader with only a modicum of sense to an intolerable quantity of nonsense.”