Italian Angel of Gelato by C.D. Onofrio


C.D. Onofrio
C.D. Onofrio playing at Taps Brewery, Niagara Falls

Italian Angel of Gelato
Watching over me
a plea
a very simple plea
don’t you ever change what you do or the way you are
Italian Angel of Gelato
Saint of Christ
Christian Spiritual Warrior
Italian Angel of Gelato
We are a part of something
We didn’t know it until we were
We didn’t say anything,
no formal announcement
no insignia or trademark
or logo

Ice Cream!
Italian Ice Cream – located at 5458 Victoria Ave., Niagara Falls,Ontario

We knew it when we felt it
looking into angelic eyes
high on the holy
and saintly and wise
delving into life’s simple pleasures
and finding God there
sitting back and listening
and finding God there
playing like children
and finding God there
sharing a drink
and finding God there
opening small doors with sophisticated handles
and finding tartuffo as far as the eye can see
the delicate look on the little girl’s face as she touches her tongue
to her first bite of strawberry ice cream
and to know the sort of spirit that went into it
it’s like innocence meets innocence
and when they shake hands
there’s a holy moment subtly happening
hoping that time is a playful little child
laughing with her tongue out
and minding not the least that gelato melts down her chin
she holds her spoon up in the air like a magic wand
waving her elated little hand for mamma
to come and share in her treasure
and mamma looks right into her
and makes a note to remember

(Inspired by Italian Ice Cream and its owners, the Vergalito family)

Source: C. D. Onofrio, 2017


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