Niagara by Elizabeth Henry

Thund’ring waters!
Plunging downward, age on age in ceaseless might
Free, defiant, still unconquered,
Grand and awe-inspiring sight,
          Terrible Niagara!

Churning waters!
Crashing, rockward, sweeping all within thy path
Killing, crushing, maiming all things
In thy fury and thy wrath,
          Merciless Niagara!

Foaming waters!
Swirling ever, spray and spume flung far and wide,
Rainbow tinted are thy mist veils
Fitting for the fairest bride,
          Beautiful Niagara!

Restless waters!
Ageless symbol of our country, strong and free,
Ever moving, surging onward,
Fearing not what is to be,
          Glorious Niagara!

Source: Niagara Falls Review, October 16, 1967

First Place Winner of the Women’s Centennial Committee Prose and Poetry Contest.

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