Niagara by Ram M. Mehta

The poem is written on the Famous Niagara Falls when I visited it last.

Portrait of Ram M. Mehta
Ram M. Mehta

 Niagara, the Antiope of Canada,
Amazonian, but not breastless,
Snowy bosom like virginal gems,
Swelling lips moderately full,
Savory odor felt all around,
Crystalline throat striking the eyes.
Meandering, churning, darting, dashing,
Transformed from blonde to brunette,
Here, alluring, benign, attenuated,
There corpulent, colossal, capering,
Practising calisthenics all the time.
Raquel Welch in “One Million Years B.C.,”
Wily Cleopatra, the scythian of Ordzhonikidze
Carnal Marilyn, matured Helen of Troy.
Venus in Aries, Mars in Pisces.
Broadbellied, middleaged, deep,
Now bulging belle of Detroit,
Encircling the wooing Windsor,
Yet the Blithe spirit of Pelee Island.

Source: The Author, 2002.

©2002 Ram M. Mehta

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