Love’s Changeableness by Arthur Weir

niagara falls love
How many heart-wed lovers here have stood,
Like us, beside the Niagaras folding brink,
Watching the thirsty gorge the torrent drink!
How many, like ourselves, in solitude
Have stood above the fierce moon-smitten flood,
Through whose mist clouds a myriad star-points twink,
And felt the grandeur of the cataract sink
Into their souls until was thought subdued.
How many human hearts here throbbed with love
And dreamed their love would live beyond the grave,
Strong as Niagaras rush, deep as its fall,
Only within a little space to prove
Their love as changing as the tumbling wave
Which breaks in mist that darkly shadows all.

Source: Kevin McCabe, ed. The Poetry of Old Niagara. St. Catharines, Ont. : Blarney Stone Books, 1999.

Also in the anthology Niagara Mornings by Andrew C. Porteus, 2016.

Originally published: Dominion Illustrated, June 22, 1889

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