About Melinda Nowikowski

Portrait of Melinda Nowikowski
Melinda Nowikowski

“Melinda Nowikowski is a failed journalism major, who currently resides in Kettering, Ohio.  She has been writing poetry since she was old enough to understand the concept of rhyme, which is to say approximately 25 years.  Her husband, Tony Nowikowski, a web engineer, was the subject of this work.

At this time, she is employed as a part-time document preparation assistant, animal shelter volunteer and full-time cat slave.  She composes poetry when it arrives in her head, as well as character fiction.

The Nowikowskis make frequent visits to Ontario, Canada — especially the wine country.  The visit to Niagara Falls was the first of many pleasant trips to Niagara and other parts of southern Ontario, a family tradition that will, doubtless, continue.”

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