Niagara Falls – The paradise on earth by Rakhi Jain

Someone once told me, ‘seeing is believing’,
How pertinent that was, I found after exploring,
This artwork of nature, beauty sprinkled everywhere,
The raging river, the fretted fall, the magical mist, that I wish to share.

The white foamy flow,
the mighty wind that blows,
The sunshine is golden,
surely I can say, my heart is stolen!

The rainbow that joins, the heaven to this earth,
The beauty I feel, is in no way dearth,
So much of joy, so much of pleasure,
This lovely sight does have to offer.

The ‘maid of the mist’, lets you meet it face to face,
The gusts, the downdrafts, can’t help but blaze,
‘Journey behind the falls’, leaves you dazed,
With the beauty, enigma and the amazing grace

The gush of water, is though fierce and harsh,
falling down with so much of splash!
But as it descends, the resplendence is endless,
Down as it reaches, it turns into an angel!

This is the moral, it bestows upon us,
Whatever pinnacle we may achieve, let us not lose our humility!

Copyright @ Rakhi

Source: Haryana Online, 2004

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