Niagara by William B. Tappan


William Bingham Tappan, 1794-1849. From his Poet’s Tribute.

Niagara! — the poetry of God!
Whose numbers tell, in everlasting hymn,
Only of God!    The morning stars that woke
Music along their courses, early caught
Its far off echoes, and in wild delight
Returned them, softened, round the universe.
Think not, think not, Earth’s triflers!  that for you
And garish Day, these melodies chime on.
When ye, diminished, lost, are known not, Night,
Night to the aweful anthem ever hearkens,
And ever with new joy.    Oh, how sublime
The symphony, that, under the expanse
Of stars, peals on in unexhausted power:
Niagara! — and the sole listener, Night!

Source:  William B. Tappan. Poet’s Tribute; Poems of William B. Tappan. Boston: King, Crocker & Brewster, 1840

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