Keith Inman.

She sailed
over the thundering
water to hover

in the rising plume
of a million mirrors glinting
with sunlight

as the ever-wall
of water fell
like a trick of curtains
and hidden doors

she was gone.

From our table rock view
we scanned the vast
crescent down
to where rapids eased
into churned foam

and there
bare-rolling to the surface
she bobbed
shaking her feathers out

bowing the fish in her beak
to the light.

The Cormorant by Keith Inman. Read by Oliver Porteus

Source: The Author, 2019

Inman‘s favourite lit class was in Ireland (on Joyce); best reading, a cafe in Spain; coolest invite, LA; most interesting editor, from Malta (NY based). Keith started writing over 30 years ago, attending writing courses and programs through Niagara libraries and institutions. His work has won multiple awards and grants. Two of his books, ‘The War Poems’, and ‘SEAsia’, both from Black Moss Press, can be found in major libraries across North America and in Europe. Home is Thorold, where ships climb the continent.

The Cormorant is one of the poems on the Poetry Walking Tour of Niagara Falls


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  1. Posted by Andrew Porteus - a comment from John B. Lee Avatar
    Posted by Andrew Porteus – a comment from John B. Lee

    Read Keith Inman’s poem “The Cormorant” and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the poem. Keith is one of our best. John B. Lee

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