A Tribute to George Seibel by Alan Tustin

Portrait of George Seibel

George Seibel set a standard for service to his town
And for his contributions he gained his cap and gown.

For he chronicled Niagara with a zeal quite unsurpassed
And left us with anthologies that will forever last.

He served us as an airman when the foe was at the gate
And shared a long and happy life with his beloved mate.

George repaired fine furniture for many, many years
And was esteemed by those he met, by all his friends and peers.

He did not sit in idleness when retirement days came round
But made Niagara his career, and his efforts knew no bound.

George’s books and articles have won him lasting fame
For our knowledge of Niagara now rests largely on his name.

George Seibel Article: Only God Knows More About the Falls Than Upholsterer George Seibel. by Anthony Bannon (undated)

George and Olive’s family was extended to embrace
Several chosen children of a different tongue and race.

They formed a close-knit loving group yet still they found the time
To work for local causes – and produce book number nine!

George has now been called to fill a greater role on high
Yet still he lives in all our hearts – we serve his watchful eye.

He left us all a legacy we never can repay —
Now may he rest in peace at last, forever and a day.

September 25, 1992

Source: Niagara Falls Public Library. Biography – George Seibel [vertical file]

Poem read at George Seibel’s funeral.

Link to George Seibel’s plaque on the Niagara Falls Arts & Culture Wall of Fame

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