Acrostic by Anonymous

Barnett’s Table Rock House and Museum and the Prince of Wales Arch, 1860. Courtesy of Niagara Falls Public Library

N  ature’s great masterpiece  ! how feeble man
I   n vain essays of thee and thine to tell —
A  ll wondrous as thou art — a mighty plan —
G  reat, glorious, grand and indescribable !
A  nd fain would measure thee with pigmy span !
“R efrain,” each object cries — “Lay down thy rod,
A  nd look thro’ Nature, up to Nature’s God.

August 18, 1834

Source: Dr. Thomas Rolph. A Brief Account, Together With Observations, Made During a Visit in the West Indies, and a Tour Through the United States of America, in Parts of the Years 1832-3; Together With a Statistical Account of Upper Canada. Dundas, U.C. : G. Heyworth Hackstaff, Printer, 1836.

Rolph mentions this acrostic poem was written in the Table Rock Album; it is not published in Thomas & Lathrop’s excerpts from the Table Rock Album. Rolph would have been looking at the original. See the Table of Contents of the Table Rock Albums

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