Untitled by A.H.

Sit by this roaring surge,
‡‡Thou whom scorn wasteth;
And let thy musings be
‡‡Where the Flood hasteth.
Mark, on its troubled breast,
Rolls the white billows’ crest:
So deem his thoughts unrest,
‡‡Who of love tasteth.

Smile thou, O greatly wise;
‡‡And if fate sever
Bonds which the heart doth prize,
‡‡So was it ever.
Deep as the rolling seas,
Soft as the twilight breeze;
But of more truth than these,
‡‡Boast could love never.

Source: Table Rock Album and Sketches of the Falls and Scenery Adjacent. Buffalo: Steam Press of Thomas and Lathrops, copyright by Jewett, Thomas & Co.,1856c.1848

This link takes you to the scanned version of  the 1855 version of Table Rock Album from the Hathi Trust

See the Table of Contents of the Table Rock Album on this site.

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