Niagara Falls. Watercolour by Maria Cotrufo

The roar of thunder
a natural  wonder
water traveling freely
through crevices of rocks
flowing, flowing, flowing
in the Niagara River.

The brink is near
foamy white
dark shades of blue
sparkles the silky water
colours floating
how powerful
the hands of nature
a breathless spectacular.

Niagara Falls. Watercolour by Maria Cotrufo

Droplets of mist
moist in the air
surrounds this admiration
how beautiful
how rare
The Falls.

Maria Cotrufo is a resident of Niagara Falls who loves poetry writing and watercolour painting.  Cotrufo enjoys yoga and walks throughout scenic Niagara for a healthy lifestyle.  Through out the week she works full time in the health industry.


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