Have You Ever Been to Niagara? by Stephanie Vigh Nielsen

Welcome to Niagara Falls Sign. Photo by G.R. Nielsen

Have you ever been to Niagara?
It’s such a marvelous place.
There’s something here for everyone
You can visit at your pace.

So many things to choose from
It’s difficult to decide.
Is it walking tours you prefer?
Or perhaps you’d rather ride?

If it’s horticulture you like
Then take a leisurely walk.
Enjoy the Botanical Gardens
And visit our Floral Clock.

We’ve got hotels and motels
As well as B & B’s
There are fabulous golf courses
And casino shows to see.

Enjoy our many wine tours
Check out the restaurant scene.
Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese
We serve the finest cuisine.

If you’re looking for exciting thrills
We have a variety of rides.
We’ve got helicopters, go-karts
And even water slides.

Take a walk down Clifton Hill
Try the pizza or ice cream
Have fun in the arcade there
And take in a museum.

The ‘Horseshoe Falls’ is beautiful
What an incredible sight!
So mesmerizing during the day
And nicely lit at night.

Exotic birds at Bird Kingdom
Butterflies at the Conservatory.
Take a drive on the Parkway
There’s so much beauty to see.

We have hiking trails and picnic spots
What a way to spend the day!
Take a photo of the ‘Falls’
Just be careful of the spray.

A thrilling ride on the Hornblower
And check out the MistRider Zipline.
Spend a few hours at the Outlet Mall
You’re sure to have a good time!

Dufferin Islands is a nature park
With fish and water fowl.
And stranded on the upper river
Is an ancient damaged scow.

So many things to do here
I think you will agree.
But if you still have any doubt
Just come for yourself and see.

© 2021 Stephanie Vigh Nielsen

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