To Niagara by Emmeline Stuart-Wortley

View of Niagara Falls from the American Side, 1850. by A.M. Fraser. Colour tint by Jane Merryweather.
Courtesy of Niagara Falls Public Library

— that glorious voice of thine,
‡‡With never-ceasing, gathering power, seems still,
‡‡To charm each haunting sense of mortal ill;
It speaks but of the distant — the divine —
It lifts the soul to Nature’s holiest shrine,
‡‡It links the mind, with a surpassing skill,
‡‡To worlds that loftier destinies fulfil, —
Those worlds that scorn Creation’s boundary line.
‡‡Dread Fall! In beauty a crowned Sun of Light!
In action an Atlantic! — such thy force,
‡‡Ocean ‘gainst Ocean, battling in their might,
Were scarce more dreadful than thy raging course; —
‡‡While mounts thy glittering spray the Heavenly Height,
Tossed like the flashing mane of Death’s pale Horse!

Source:  Emmeline Stuart-Wortley.  On the Approaching Close of the Great Exhibition.  London: W.N. Wright, 1851

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