Photograph of Ice Bridge, Ice Mound, and American Fall, Niagara by George Barker.
Image Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Amidst those scenes of wonder do I stand,
Though not in bodily presence, but in thought ;
Stupendous works of the Almighty’s hand,
By artist’s skill before my vision brought.
The deep, strong floods, that downward ever pour,
The mists, that from their bosom ever rise,
I see, and almost seem to hear the roar
Of many waters sounding to the skies.
The littleness of man, the power of God,
Doth to the sight as visible appear !
So felt the Indian, as these scenes he trod ;
‘Twas the Great Spirit’s voice he seemed to hear,
That the deep silence of the forests broke,
And to his children in its thunders spoke.

Source: Jones Very. Poems and Essays. Complete and revised ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1886

Very wrote this poem in September, 1875

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