On Viewing the Falls of Niagara, as Photographed by George Barker by Jones Very

Photograph of Ice Bridge, Ice Mound, and American Fall, Niagara by George Barker.
Image Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Amidst those scenes of wonder do I stand,
Though not in bodily presence, but in thought ;
Stupendous works of the Almighty’s hand,
By artist’s skill before my vision brought.
The deep, strong floods, that downward ever pour,
The mists, that from their bosom ever rise,
I see, and almost seem to hear the roar
Of many waters sounding to the skies.
The littleness of man, the power of God,
Doth to the sight as visible appear !
So felt the Indian, as these scenes he trod ;
‘Twas the Great Spirit’s voice he seemed to hear,
That the deep silence of the forests broke,
And to his children in its thunders spoke.

Source: Jones Very. Poems and Essays. Complete and revised ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1886

Very wrote this poem in September, 1875

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