Niagara by Harry Amoss

Harry Amoss
from the Forgotten Poets of the First World War website

How strangely human your adventured way !
From boundlessness you come.       An infancy
‘Tween parent banks you spend in fretless glee
Ere adolescent drives exert their sway
And churn your waters white.   Then comes the day
You take the plunge of destiny,  to be
Thenceforth a man;  and,  filled with urgency
A purpose to pursue,   charge to the fray
Of strenuous enterprise.     With sharp dismay
You sense the walls you dug so joyously
Are closing in on life,  and to break free
Your waters vainly whirl and rage till they
Find calm and comfort in acceptancy
And drift to join again the boundless sea.

Source: The Tower: The Poets of the Niagara Peninsula.  The Tower Poetry Society, 1958.

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