Niagara by Ada Elizabeth Fuller

Niagara Rapids Seen From Goat Island, 1843
by George Russell Dartnell. Colour tint by Erna Jahnke
Image courtesy of Niagara Falls Public Library

Dashing and boiling,
With furious pace,
Rush the wild waters
In their mad race.

Crowned with a glory
Of maple and oak,
Thy rocks tell the story
Of Nature’s yoke.

Flushed with the splendour
Of Autumn’s bright glow,
Silent, yet tender,
Sweet Gentians blow.

Oh mighty river,
With boiling and foam,
Dash on forever,
Knowing no home.

Bear my wild longing
Far out to sea,
Away from life’s thronging
To liberty.

Dashing and boiling,
With furious pace,
Seethe the wild waters
As on they race.

Source:  Ada Elizabeth Fuller.  Sunshine and Shadow: Poems by Ada Elizabeth Fuller.  Niagara Falls, Ont. Ada Elizabeth Fuller, 1919


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