The Winds of Niagara by Ada Elizabeth Fuller

Niagara Mornings, February 15, 2007. Winds Blowing Mist
Photo by Andrew Porteus

Blow strong from the River, O Breeze,
‡‡For hot are my passions to-day.
Breathe soft from your feathery trees
‡‡And blow all my sorrows away.
Oh make my heart buoyant and glad,
‡‡As gay and as free as thou art;
For my soul is so weary and sad,
‡‡I would have its dark visions depart.

Oh breezes that ripple and curl
‡‡The waves on the great river’s breast,
The banners of morning unfurl
‡‡Their gleams on each foaming wave’s crest!
So lull my wild passions to rest
‡‡As you airilv dance to the sea,
And the thoughts that are wholesome and best
‡‡Will scatter their blessings on me!

Source:  Ada Elizabeth Fuller.  Sunshine and Shadow: Poems by Ada Elizabeth Fuller.  Niagara Falls, Ont.: Ada Elizabeth Fuller, 1919

See  the Niagara Mornings photographs by Andrew Porteus on YouTube


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