Canticles of Niagara by Charles G. Deuther

Canticles of Niagara forms the first section of the book Canticles of Niagara and Other Poems by Charles G. Deuther. He wrote:

Charles G. Deuther
Image from Canticles of Niagara and Oher Poems

“The Canticles of Niagara embrace a description of the climate and condition of the country in Canada (1600), there being no civilization and consequently no life, except such as the Indian gave. Necessarily incomplete in description, yet enough suffices to give the reader an idea of the variation of the seasons.”

The table of contents for Canticles of Niagara 

A Canadian Winter in 1600
A Canadian Spring in 1600
A Canadian Summer in 1600
A Canadian Autumn in 1600
Niagara River Below the Niagara Falls
The Famous River of Niagara and the Falls
Greater Buffalo
Lake Erie


The full text of the book scanned by Hathi Trust Digital Library can be seen below

Source: Charles G. Deuther. Canticles of Niagara and Other Poems.  Buffalo: Charles G. Deuther, 1909.

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