Niagara Falls Poetry Project

Welcome to the Niagara Falls Poetry Project, a site where poems about Niagara Falls (both the waterfalls and the 2 cities) and poems by Niagara Falls poets are gathered. Poems on this site range from the 1600’s when Europeans first visited the Falls, to the present day. Topics include not only the wonder of the Horseshoe, American, and Bridal Veil Falls but historic events such as the Battles of Lundy’s Lane, Chippawa, and Queenston Heights in the War of 1812, the stunters and daredevils associated with the Falls, and everyday life and musings.

Submissions of original poems about Niagara Falls are welcome and can be sent via the Contact page. If you are a Niagara Falls poet please use the Contact page and indicate that you live in Niagara Falls.

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