Bruce Trail by Jean Roland

Bruce Trail Sign on Tree.
undated. Courtesy of Niagara Falls Public Library

Glacier left these giant’s pebbles
Strewn along a path
Now green moss and brown earth
Velvet our feet as we walk
Leaves like ruffled lace
Are sewn to its edges
Sun caresses with delicate fingers
Bright stars of flowers shine
Purple, gold and white
And the wind plays tag
Giggling through the trees

Source:  Captured Essence: Niagara Poetry Anthology, vol. 11. St. Catharines: Canadian Authors Association, Niagara Branch, 1995

With thanks to Arden Phair who pointed out this poem by Jean Roland to the Niagara Falls Poetry Project curator.

The Bruce Trail runs from its southern terminus at Queenston Heights, through the northern part of Niagara Falls, to Tobermory, a total of 895 kilometers.