The Downtown Falls by Jackie Andres

andres downtown

andres downtown
Queen Street, July 4, 2005. Photo by Alina Rashid. Courtesy of Niagara Falls Public Library

All you councilors gather ‘round
Listen hard and good
Take a vote about downtown
Side the way you should

Recall the hay-day of the city
Now crumbled and decay
Embarrassed by our tourists’ pity
Haste, make no delay

Investors come, and investors will go
Listen hard and good
Give support; we need a show
Side the way you should

Revisit the day of Colonial Tea
Store of Moody stone
Windows decorated all have seen
Choice of what to own

Recall the river of Muddy Run
Past St. Patrick’s Church
Remember when you had such fun
Beneath the weeping birch

Vintage buildings, most are lost
History, memories, craft
Tear them down; reduce the cost
Surely that is daft?

Such a history, glowing, rich
War cries echo far
Niagara’s new polished niche
Help us raise the bar

When we all are strolling down
Sidewalks brightly lit
Victorian brick with painted wood
The city is refit

All you councilors gather ‘round
Listen hard and good
Hear the clapping in downtown
Applause for doing good

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