Niagara Falls by Phillip W.Weiss

Phillip W. Weis
Phillip W. Weis

Niagara Falls
majestic curtains
of surging water
cascading, never-ending,
onto the jagged rocks below.

Creating a roar,
like rolling thunder,
a tidal wave of sound
reverberating off the cliffs,
both powerful and soothing,
it can even lull a baby
    to sleep.

And of course the mist,
floating high into the sky,
like plumes of gossamer silk,
meeting the rays of the sun,
forming radiant rainbows,
each a crescent of dazzling colors,
like a tiara of diamonds
adorning the royal head of
    a noble queen.

For Niagara Falls
is nature’s gift to humanity:
her splendor unmatched,
her beauty sublime,
to be admired and treasured,
    like a priceless gem,
for all times.

Copyright (c)2004 Phillip W. Weiss

Source: The author, 2004.

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