A Most Beautiful Space on Earth by April Jones

Wine and Niagara Falls. Photo courtesy of The Classical Association of the Middle West and South 2017

Niagara Falls to me is home, but so much more than just home.

In my time here, I’ve come to adore it like the comfort of an old childhood blanket, yet with the wonder and enthusiasm of a new love at same time.

When I walk down Queen Street in my silent reverie, I relish in its quaintness and the beautiful architecture of new memories, mixed with memories past.

As I drink in the warm rays of the sun through my skin so present to the miraculousness of all this city has to offer, I recognize that everything here has a special sort of charm.

From the way the curb wraps upward on River Road to the gorgeous endearing character homes to the old bridge on Queen with it’s wonderous, wild overgrowth.

And nothing more awing than the immensity of the gorge with it’s swirling, playful, mesmerizing currents of every sort.

Therapy and serenity live here for me and from what I observe, many others.

Not to mention a timeless sense of community.

Imagine a place where anyone can sit at a beautifully crafted instrument and engage in their own masterful creation outdoors.

Where you can experience culinary delights of every taste and culture.

Ride or walk along one of the wonders of the world and sip wine so thoughtfully created by those dedicated to producing something enjoyed by so many from wine to icewine to jams and jellies.

Festivals and faces of every sort of interesting.

The future, full of any possibility, for me remains the present as in my mind there is an almost indescribable perfection in what is exists as now.

When I stand in my silent reverie overlooking the river while the water sparkles and dances to a natural silent melody, I know I am home, but not just home, somewhere that is so much more than just home to me and I believe so many more.

Source: April Jones, 2019

A Most Beautiful Space on Earth was originally an entry in the 2019 Niagara Falls Writer’s Festival Poetry Contest. The contest was cancelled.

April Jones is a real estate agent as well as being employed with a winery, which she feel allows for her to engage in two passions of hers, and wine is obviously something this region is well known for as well as by trade, which to her is creative and fascinating. Jones loves anything creative from reading to writing to visual art of most any media. She moved to Niagara three years prior with my three children from Toronto and fell in love with the region instantly, and she feels like her love affair with it has only deepened and will continue to. She is grateful to share her experience of a place almost indescribable to her.

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