So She Flows by April Jones

The Spirit of Niagara from the Pan American Exposition, 1901

As we all stand in awe of her beauty, her power and her blessings,

Her hair cascades ever downward draping over her shoulders just as it should so fluently over every obstacle in its path,

And her breath emanating from her soft lips in the brisk air rises so high above, disappearing into the clouds,

Her sloping breasts just visible beneath her loose blouse,

Upon her face a sense of peace, but in her eyes a rampant ferocity as the light flirts and dances with every perfect angle.

How does such beauty, serenity and chaos exist simultaneously?

She remains nameless to those who know better that this is a just a part of a bigger whole that requires no label, just appreciation, but to others she bears the title of Niagara Falls


Source: April Jones, 2019

So She Flows was originally an entry in the 2019 Niagara Falls Writer’s Festival Poetry Contest. The contest was cancelled.

April Jones is a real estate agent as well as being employed with a winery, which she feels allows for her to engage in two passions of hers, and wine is obviously something this region is well known for as well as by trade, which to her is creative and fascinating. Jones loves anything creative from reading to writing to visual art of most any media. She moved to Niagara three years prior with her three children from Toronto and fell in love with the region instantly, and she feels like her love affair with it has only deepened and will continue to. She is grateful to share her experience of a place almost indescribable to her.

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