At the Head of the Falls by Kim Clarke Champniss

Looking Toward the Brink of Niagara Falls From Opposite the Old Scow. Photo by Kim Clarke Champniss

I am here now
Amid sacred calm
Amid white noise
Amid white water
Amid summer’s call

I am here now
Opposite the scow
Stranded on the rocks
A rusting man
At the head of the Falls.

I am here now
Amid Nature’s beauty
Amid eternal power
Amid endless Love
Amid the mystery of it all

I am here now
Under spreading maple trees
Beneath gulls gliding on the breeze
Upstream from crowds
Packed in amusement halls.

I am here now
Amid regal silence
Amid unknown history
Beside the river of time
Close to truth beyond the wired wall.

I am here now
Caught, like we all are,
In gravity’s deadly pull.
I am here now
In grateful solitude
At the head of the Falls.

Source: Kim Clarke Champniss.    August 13, 2018.

Biography of Kim Clarke Champniss

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