Love Letter to Niagara Falls by Kim Clarke Champniss

Niagara Falls in Winter. Photo by Kim Clarke Champniss

I am leaving town

But before I go I wish to give thanks

For the way you embraced me

As if it were the arms of the Horseshoe Falls itself

Wrapped around.

You revealed beauty and mystery,

Tales of wonder and history.

Each day I walked beside you

A witness to your power,

The legend of a maid sacrificed in the mist,

Her spirit will always drift

Across this imaginative sky.

You gave me wellness and inspiration

At a time when my body decayed

And my voice was cut away.

But it’s now time to move upstream.

Yet from my Erie window I will still see

The waters that power your being

And the path outside my door

Leads back to you.

Let your people light the sage,

Bang the drum.

Let your wild waters roar.

You gave me a home,

Friends, and so much more.


Source: Kim Clarke Champniss.   January 26, 2021

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