Nature’s Wonder by Ruth Sullivan

Niagara Falls
Photo by Edward Koorey on Unsplash

The falls of Niagara roll on, and on,
Tumbling and tossing, hither and yon,
Foaming and frothing over rocks, and shale,
Forever and ever, on its ancient trail.

Down through the rapids the water flows,
Twirling, and swirling as onward it goes,
Not a heed for anything on its way,
As it gains momentum, day after day.

What a story if water could tell!
All the happenings it knows so well,
Such beauty it leaves on a misty day,
When a rainbow appears on display.

Lights turned on the falls at night,
Illuminate a dazzling sight,
Tourists from far and wide see bliss,
The falls of Niagara, you must not miss.

Views in nature are a large feat.
Of the many you chance to meet
Come, see how the cataract enthralls.
Beautiful, beautiful Niagara Falls.

Source: Ely, Howard (ed.) The Best Poems and Poets of 2004. The International Library of Poetry, 2005

Ruth Sullivan was a long-time Niagara Falls resident.  Sullivan


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