Category: Children’s Poetry

  • The Wonderful Leaps of Sam Patch by Anonymous

    [n.b. This is the Niagara section only] Next, to Niagara thousands flock, To see him jump from Table Rock, Into these waters, thunder-hurled, The seventh wonder of the world. Folks swarmed on bank and giddy ledge, On dangerous precipice’s edge, Nay, really, it has been said, They stood one on the other’s head, To get…

  • World Wonder by Betty J. Beam

    (a children’s poem) Cataracts cascading Sun shining Mist mounting Rainbows arching Rapids roaring Gulls soaring Blossoms blooming People peering Picture making Breath taking World wonder Niagara Falls Source: The author, 2001

  • A Pioneer’s Prayer by Betty J. Beam

    (a children’s poem) The forests tall The waterfall The fish and birds The buffalo herds — This wilderness, God bless! Our freedom’s birth The men of worth The fertile soil The strength to toil — This little town, God bless! The ocean’s tide The prairies wide The mountain heights The northern lights — This Canada,…

  • The Niagara River by Betty J. Beam

    (a children’s poem) Wild white water is Boil, cascade Roil, cannonade Crash, flume Splash, spume Drench, glide Stench, slide Gush, leap Rush, sweep Lunge, pollution Plunge, solution Outpour, overflow Uproar, undertow Turbulence, spray Violence, ricochet Stream, swirl Steam, whirl Penned power Source: The Author, 2001.

  • Friday Fireworks by Betty Beam

    friday fireworks (a children’s poem) Each Friday night, fireworks Light the Falls and the park, All through the summer months, After ten, when it’s dark. As we weave through the crowd And descend on Clifton Hill, The traffic is noisy, Tourists’ voices are shrill. We stop at the corner Till the light turns from red;…